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Results of Press Shrink Fit Design Calculation

as in next figure:

Press Shrink Fit Design Output

Click here on Calculation Report Press Shrink Fit Design to see a complete calculation report in a target blank page.

Calculation of stresses: pressure at the contact surface, tangential stresses at the various diameters, the comparison stresses at various diameters. Calculation of slip torque at given rotation speed. Calculation of safety factor on slip and failure. Calculation of the amount of expansion at various diameters. Calculation of the required press force and change in temperature for heating or cooling to assemble the parts.

Flat, Tapered and Tangential Key Connections

Separate calculation thread for the dimensioning and the verification calculation.

Example Flat Key Verification

Graphic representation of a flat key connection:

Flat key  connection figure

The materials for shaft, hub and the key are to be selected first by means of materials list in a dialog box. The load and construction is to specify next with the following dialog box:

Flat key  connection verrification dialog

The application loads and displays a list with records of standard keys and key lengths. The key and its length is then to select from this list. The application calculates the contact pressure between key and shaft contact surfaces and between key and hub cont act surfaces. Hub strength is being calculated.

For tapered keys and tangetial keys the drive in shift of the key is being calculated.

Splined Connections

Design calculation with spline selection and verification of a choosen splined connection.

Calculation Summary

Selection of materials for shaft and hub. The application loads a list with records of standard splined connections. Calculation of contact pressure between shaft and hub surfaces. Splines with paralel sides, involute sides or notch teeth form are supported.

Locking Assemblies

Design calculation with locking assembly selection and verification of a choosen locking assembly.

Calculation Summary

Material selection for shaft and hub. Input of load torque, outside and inside diameters of shaft and hub. Input requested minimum safety factor on slip. A list with locking assemblies is loaded from disk. The user selects the spanset matching the shaft diameter. Calculkation of the required hub outside diameter and the stresses at hub inside and outside diameter.

The user can manage the locking assemblies list with an list control in a dialog box.

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