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Welcome at Dware web site

We are happy that you take the time to visit the web site of Dware.

Dware develops applications for the calculation of machine elements such as cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gear pairs, cylindrical shafts, helical springs, roller chain and timing belt transmissions, shaft hub connections, properties of cross sections, beams, gear couplings, selection of fits and tolerances and static and dynamic strength in a cross section of a machine-element.

Have a look at our Products List and maybe you will find an application which can assist you in your calculations of machine elements.

Dware can also assist you for dimensioning and verification calculations of machine elements.

Click here on References Summary to navigate to a page with a summary list of our customers using our products and or our services.

Do not hesitate to ask more information about an application. Ask for a quotation if you are interested in a specific product. You may be quite surprised that the Dware applications are quite affordable. If in doubt about fitness for use in your company, make an appointment for a demo in your office. We will be delighted to prove that our applications can contribute to reduce considerably the time needed for calculation of machine elements. Use the Contact Page of this site to get in contact with us.

All Dware applications run under Microsoft Windows operating system. The Dware software is not free ware. Users have to procure a user licence from Dware. Explanations in this web site are kept short, whereas illustrations as dialog boxes and output windows are presented to make acquaintance with the look and feeling of the calculation programs.

All dialog boxes and output windows published in this web site fall under Copyright © of Dware with all rights reserved.

This web site has been developed with Visual Studio 2010 in ASP.NET 4 following an example of the text book Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB by Imar Spaanjaars published by Wrox.