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Calculation program for Worm Gear Transmissions.

WormGear Flash

WormGear calculates

  • the dimensioning of worm gear pair
  • the geometry of worm and wheel
  • the measurement of worm and wheel
  • the tooth- and reaction forces in the bearings
  • the gearing efficiency
  • load capacity according to text book Niemann-Winter Maschinenelemente Band III

Topics covered in this site

User Interface

WormGear is an application running under Microsoft Windows operating system. The user can choose a language of the interface and output among following list:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
The user interface is build with standard Windows components and is very intuitive to use.

Identification of a Calculation Project

At the start of a calculation project, a dialog box is being opened for input of some data for identification of the project, such as: order, project, subproject, item, ID worm and wheel, calculated by, organization, calculation date and a short note about the project.

Worm Flank Form

The application supports the flank forms you can select with a radio button as shown in the next dialog box:

Worm Flank Form

The flank form is depending from the cutting method of the worm. The user can click on the adjacent command button to open a dialog with more information and a picture of the cutting configuration and tool setting.

Definition Plane for the Module and Theoretical Basic Rack

input is performed with following dialog box:

Basic rack Dialog

Once the flank form has been selected, the pressure angle of cutting tool α0 or αn and eventual the cutter pitch diameter d0 is to define in function of the choosen flank form. The definition plane for the module is to select as either axial module mx or normal module mn. Standard institutions have choosen for the axial module as standard. But in industrial practice the normal module is also encountered when shaping cutters for cylindrical gears are used to generate the worm.

The tooth proportions are defined by addendum kha and dedendum khf coefficients which are related to the choosen module.

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