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Product Application program for calculation of
CylGear Cylindrical spur or helical involute gears. The application is provided with topics for the calculation of gear boundary lines, of gear geometry, gear measurement values: normal chordal tooth thickness, base tangent length, and diametral dimension over pins or balls. Calculation of tooth - and reaction forces in supports. Calculation of the dynamic model and resonance speed. Calculation of the load capacity according the standard ISO 6336. The dimensioning problem and the verification calculation of a planetary gear train are part of the application.
BevGear Bevel Gears. Calculation of geometry according standard ISO 23509, dimensions for measurement of the gear, tooth - and reaction forces in the supports, load capacity according the standard ISO 10300. Supported gear designs are: straight metric or Gleason gear system, skew bevel, spiral Gleason metric or inch system, spiral Klingelnberg, hypoid Gleason and Klingelnberg system.
WormGear Cylindrical Worm Gear Pairs. Calculation of geometry, backlash and dimensions for gear measurement, tooth - and support forces, estimation of gear efficiency, load capacity according the textbook Maschinelemente Band III Niemann-Winter.
CShaft Cylindrical shafts. Calculation of reaction forces in the supports, table with bending and torsional moments, bending and torsion diagram. Calculation of static and dynamic stresses, lateral deflections and twist angle. Stress concentrations in sections with change of cross section are taken into account. Module for the dimensioning problem, the ideal profile is determined for a given load list. Determination of the critical speed.
HeliSpring Cylindrical helical tension -, compression - and torsion springs. Calculation according to standard DIN EN 13906-1,2,3. Graphical representation of the spring diagram, Goodman- and buckling diagrams. Both the dimensioning and verification calculation are supported by the application.
ChainWheel Roller chain transmissions. Supported are the dimensioning problem with roller chain selection, verification calculation, calculation of geometry for wheels and the load capacity of the roller chain transmission.
SynchroBelt Timing belt transmissions. Supported are the dimensioning problem with belt selection, calculation of wheels geometry and the load capacity of timing belt transmission.
ShaftHubLock Shaft hub connections. Connections as split hub connections, press - and shrink fits, cone connections, flat - and taper key connections, splined connections, locking assemblies and pincer ring connection.
Section Section properties. Properties of circular and rectangular cross sections, composite sections by polygon method, composite sections by component parts method and composite sections by rectangle method.
Beam Straight beams. The beam is a standard profile or a construction of welded plates. The beam can have a lengthwise invariable or variable cross section. The application supports also standard steel profiles and manages profile lists. No detailed drawing is required, a sketch with elementary dimensions will be fine to perform an dimensioning or verification calculation.
TandKoppeling Gear Couplings. The strength calculation problem is supported.
FitTol Fits and tolerances. Supported are the choice of a fit and calculation of the clearance or interference.
PartStrength Calculation of static and dynamic strength in a cross section of a machine part according text book Maschinenelemente Band 1 Niemann-Winter-Höhn 4th Edition 2005. The strength calculation method has been developed by Prof. Höhn at the TU Munich.