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Application for calculation of gear couplings

TandKoppeling Flash Screen

Tandkoppeling calculates the transmitable torque of gear couplings.

User interface

Tandkoppeling is a Dutch designation for Gear Coupling and is a multi-lingual application for Windows. The user can select a language for the interface and output out of:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
The user interface is build with standard Windows components and is very intuitive to use.

Export as text or HTML file

The application provides export possibility for the calculation report in a .txt or .htm file.

Identification of calculation project

At the start of a new calculation project a dialog box is being opened for input of some data for the identification of the calculation project. This dialog box contains edit controls for input of: order, project, subproject, item, ID shaft and hub , calculated by, organization, and date of calculation. A text box is also provided to hold a short note about the calculation project.

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