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Application for the Calculation of Beams

Beam Flash Screen

The application Beam supports

  • the dimensioning calculation
  • the verification calculation
of beams with variable or invariable cross section in longitudinal direction for a given load.

In the dimensioning fase a detailed drawing of the shaft is not required, a by hand made sketch will help to perform the calculation. Beam supports also the calculation of beams with invariable section such as standard profiles I, U, L, T , rectangular and circular solid and hollow profiles and pipes. The application supports also the calculation of welded beams as I- and box beams with variable or invariable cross section.

User interface

Beam is an application for Microsoft Windows with an user interface and output in the English language only. The user is supposed to have a basic knowledge in Strength of Materials.

Identification of a calculation project

At the start of a new calculation project, a dialog box is being opened for input of some data for identification of the calculation project. This dialog box contains edit controls for input as : order, project, subproject, item, beam ID, calculated by, organization, and date of calculation. An edit control is provided to store a note about the calculation project.

Material Properties

A dialog box with list control is provided for the management of material records.
Short description of material record: ID, Cl, Designation, E, HBW, d, Rm, Rp, σwb, τwt, ρ, ν

Beam Configuration

A Cartesian coordinate system is being used to define the position of a cross section. Input of begin and end point of the beam, of number of supports and calculation interval Dz, of coordinates of supports and type of support.

To keep it short, only the verification problem is dealed with as example in this web site.
Go to the next web page for selection of cross section type.