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Application Program for Calculation of Cylindrical Shafts

CShaft Flash

CShaft calculates cylindrical shafts

  • with two (static cases) or more supports (hyperstatic cases).
  • dimensioning problem
  • reaction forces in the supports
  • bending moment line
  • torsional moment line
  • static and dynamic stresses
  • lateral deflections and twist angle

The static - and dynamic strength of shafts is determined according the method developed in the text book Niemann-Winter-Höhn Maschinenelemente Band 1 4. Auflage 2005. The safety factors on yield and failure are to determine for static stress, the safety factors on failure for dynamic stress. This is to do for tensile -, bending - and torsional stress separately. The comparison safety factor is finally to determine with a mixte fail criterion for ductile and brittle materials. The ductility proportion is determined by the ductile factor q.

User Interface

CShaft is a multi-lingual application for Windows. The user can set the language of the user interface and output to:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
The user interface is build with standard Windows components and is very intuitive to use.

Identification of a Calculation Project

On the start of a new calculation project, a dialog is being opened for input of some identification data such as: order, project, subproject, item, shaft ID, calculated by, organization, calculation date and a short note about the project.

Input of shaft configuration and location of the supports is done with a dialog box as shown on next page.

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