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About Us

Hi there visitor

Welcome to the Dware web site.


My name is André Dewispelaere and I am the founder and owner of Dware. I am an independent software developer specialized in calculation of machine elements such as gears, shafts, springs, beams, roller chain and timing belt transmissions ...


  • Secondary school Latin-Greek at Sint-Aloysiuscollege Diksmuide - Belgium
  • Maths Prep School Special Scientific A at Sint Amandusinstitute Gent - Belgium
  • Masters Degree as Civil Engineer in Electro-Mechanics at Catholic University of Louvain - Belgium


  • Maschinelle Methoden Siemens
  • Development Engineer NV MICHEL VAN DE WIELE
  • Head of Development Department NV MICHEL VAN DE WIELE
  • Chief Technology Officer NV MICHEL VAN DE WIELE

Software development

As an independent developer I am writing applications for calculation of machine elements. I am using Visual Studio 2010 - Visual C++ and MFC as developing tools. I acquired basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and MS ASP.NET 4 in C#.

If you have questions about our applications or if you have remarks about this web site, contact me with the contact page in this web site.

Thank you for your visit.

André Dewispelaere