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Application for Calculation of Roller Chain Transmissions

ChainWheel Flash Screen

ChainWheel supports the calculation of

  • dimensioning problem with proposal for the selection of a roller chain
  • the verification problem with calculation of load capacity
  • the dimensioning of the chain wheels
for a given load and transmission ratio.

User Interface

ChainWheel is a multi-lingual application for Microsoft Windows. The user can select a language out of:

  • Dutch
  • English
The user interface is very user friendly: the application guides the user through each calculation sequence with a wizard sheet.

Identification of a Calculation Project

At the start of a new calculation project, a dialog box is being opened for input of some data for identification of the calculation project. This dialog box contains edit controls for input of: order, project, subproject, item, ID wheel 1 and wheel 2, calculated by, organization, and date of calculation. A text box is also provided to hold a short note about the calculation project.

Dimensioning a roller chain transmission

The objective is the dimensioning of a roller chain transmission for a given load and transmission ratio.

Input of load in power or torque and rotation speed at the pinion, or torque and rotation speed at the wheel. A list with roller chain records is loaded from disk. The application will determine which items from the roller chain list can transmit the load with given safety factor.

Roller Chains List

A file with standard roller chain types DIN 8187 and DIN 8188 is supplied with the application. This file can be managed with a dialog box. The user can create his own file with roller chains derived from commercial catalogues. See for dialog box in verification calculation.

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