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Load Capacity

Input of operating conditions with dialog box:

Operating Conditions Dialog

Further input for cooling conditions, wear limit and the imposed minimum safety factors.

Calculation of load capacity according text book of Niemann-Winter Maschinenelemente Band III. Calculation of influence factors, contact stress, tooth root stress, permissible contact - and tooth root stress for the selected materials. Safety factors on thermal overload, contact stress, wear stress, tooth root stress and worm deflection are calculated and compared with the imposed minimum values. The application warns if the imposed minimum values are not satisfied. Output of results in table as follows:

Load Capacity

Click with the mouse on Calculation Report Load Capacity to open a complete report with your browser in a blank page.

Torque rating of a Worm Gear Pair

The application determines the torque rating for a given worm gear geometry for given operating conditions by an iterative load capacity calculation process.

Dimensioning of a Worm Gear Pair

The dimensioning problem is supported to design a worm gear pair for a given transmission ratio and load. The design process can be oriented to highest gear efficiency or the other way, to lowest efficiency to obtain self locking. Six combinations for further examination are proposed in a dialog box. The user selects a combination to calculate further in detail.

End of WormGear pages. You have now a good idea about the look and the feel of the application. If you are interested go immediately to the Contact Page and ask for a quotation or further information and convince yourself that the application can help you to calculate your cylindrical worm-wormgears on a professional manner.

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