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Calculation of virtual equivalent cylindrical gear pair

The virtual equivalent gear set is calculated after calculation of the basic geometry with a click of the mouse on a menu item.

Materials for Gears

The application provides a dialog box for management of materials for gears. According the standard ISO 6336-5 the contact stress limit value and bending stress limit value are to determine in function of the tooth flank hardness using an equation of straight line σH,F = Ax + B where x stands for the hardness, A is the slope coefficient and B is the segment on y-axis. This three parameters are token from the standard. Input for a gear pair requires input of material separately for pinion and gear, the material quality grade and the hardness of tooth flank. With the equation of the straight line the contact stress limit value σHlim and the bending stress limit value σFlim are determined in function of the tooth flank hardness.

Calculation of Load Capacity according Standard ISO 10300-2,3

Input operating conditions as shown in dialog box:

Operating Conditions Dialog Box

Input of gear teeth finish, effective face width ratio, tooth form corrections and imposed minimum value for safety factors.

The application determines the influence factors, the contact - and bending stresses, the permissible stresses for contact and root stress for the choosen gear materials. The safety factors for contact stress SH1,2 and tooth root bending stress SF1,2 are calculated and compared with the respectively imposed minimum values. The application warns with a messagebox if min safety values are not satisfied. See for a part of the output window below:

Load Capacity Output Window

The load capacity calculation report can be exported in a text (.txt) or HTML (.htm) file with a simple mouse click on a menu item. This files can be opened by a text editor, respectively with a browser. Click here on Load Capacity Report to open it in a browser.

Torque Rating of Bevel Gear Pair

The application supports also the torque rating of a given bevel gear pair with the selected gear materials and given operating conditions by an iterative load capacacity calculation process.

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