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Press and Shrink Fits

The application provides a separate calculation thread for the dimensioning and the verification calculation.

The materials for the shaft and the hub are to select as an item in a list control in a dialog box. With this dialog box the user can manage the materials list: update records, create new records or create a new list to his preference.

Press - Shrink Fit Calculation

Summary of formulas with accompanying figure in next dialog:

Press Shrink Fit Figure Dialog Box

Press Shrink Fit Specifications

Input as in next figure:

Press Shrink Fit Design Dialog Box

Required input is to be seen in above dialog box. The stick coefficient ν is being determined for the given surface roughnesses. Calculation of the minimum required interference and the fit class for shaft-hub is determined for the chosen fit system.

Results of Press Shrink Fit Design Calculation

as in next figure:

Press Shrink Fit Design Output

Click here on Calculation Report Press Shrink Fit Design to see a complete calculation report in a target blank page.

Calculation of stresses: pressure at the contact surface, tangential stresses at the various diameters, the comparison stresses at various diameters. Calculation of slip torque at given rotation speed. Calculation of safety factor on slip and failure. Calculation of the amount of expansion at various diameters. Calculation of the required press force and change in temperature for heating or cooling to assemble the parts.