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Cutting Tools

Input of data of cutting tool. If precutting with protuberance is to be applied befor the grinding operation, the input of protuberance parameters and stock allowance and its tolerance is requested. If protuberance is not desired, this input can simply be omitted.
The application facilitates the management of a list with protuberance hobs with a dialog box. The dialog contains a list control to contain lines with hob data. Editing this list is made easy and the list is stored in a csv-file on the hard disk. The application calculates the amount of stock allowance as part of the protuberance hob by comparison of the tooth thickness on the pitch line from the hob with the tooth thickness on the pitch line of the theoretical basic rack. This is token into account in the calculation of the cutting depth.

ISO Gear Accuracy Grade Qg

The application provides an assistant with a dialog box to support the choice for the ISO gear accuracy grade Qg in function of the transverse velocity vt, the lubrication, the load intensity and the noise restrictions. On the dialog a scale for the ISO gear accuracy grade against the DIN gear accuracy scale is displayed to make the differences clear.

Center Distance - Tooth Thickness Deviations and Tolerance

The user has to decide about:

Center distance deviation Aa js5 - js11
Upper tooth thickness deviation DIN 3967 Asne a - h
Tooth thickness tolerance DIN 3967 Tsn 21 - 30

Input upper tooth thickness deviation Asne and thickness tolerance Tsn with dialog box:

Thickness Deviations and Tolerance Dialog

The choice of the class is to do with a trackbar and the application looks up the corresponding values in the standard tables behind. Input of the values with a simple click of the mouse on a command button.

Gear Measurements

The application request the input of the actual accurate production tip diameter. This input is important if normal chordal tooth thickness will be measured and serves as reference for the calculated cutting depth. The application calculates the options if checked off:

  • chordal height hac and the mean normal chordal tooth thickness sncm with thickness tolerance in the ± notation.
  • the nominal base tangent length Wk and mean base tangent length Wkm on k teeth with tolerance in the ± notation.
  • the diameter of measuring pins or balls dM and diametral dimension over two pins or balls Md,R and corresponding tolerance.

The application calculates the cutting depth, the mean normal and transverse backlash. The user can check off the option check boxes to compose the measurement sheet he likes to print on paper.

Path of Contact

Calculation of the length of path of contact and the diameters of circles passing through the transition points double -, single - and double pair contact. The transition points are denoted as A-B-C-D-E:

  • A begin point of double pair contact
  • B inner point of single pair contact
  • C pitch point
  • D outer point of single pair contact
  • E end point of double pair contact

The diameters of circles passing through this transitions points are of interest to determine the begin points for eventual tip or root relief on profile grinding. See picture of dialog box below:

Profile Grinding Dialog

Graphical representation of the tooth profile

The application renders a picture with a cross section of a tooth in transverse section. The effect of undercut or protuberance can be seen on screen.

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